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Is Domestic Violence Involved? Let Us Help You Find A Resolution.

Matters involving domestic violence can be tragic. Whether it is a criminal matter or a family law issue, or both, domestic abuse can tear a family apart. The important thing is for everyone to be safe and healthy moving forward. Whether that means obtaining a domestic violence restraining order or defending against criminal charges so that a parent can remain in the lives of his or her children depends on the circumstances of the situation.

You Can Trust Our Experience

At the Law Offices of Lydon & Richards, P.C., our attorneys are experienced family law attorneys and criminal defense lawyers. One of our founding partners, Kalie L. Lydon, was a prosecutor for the 9th Circuit District Court in Nashua.

We can approach your situation from a variety of perspectives and with a unique skill set obtained over years of diligent representation. We can help you to objectively weigh your legal options and potential outcomes. We will work tirelessly to reach a resolution that is best for your family, whatever that involves.

We Are Litigators. Let Us Defend You.

One of the most important acts anyone in a situation involving domestic abuse can do is to get legal help.

Because legal domestic violence issues are so emotional and stressful, getting an objective, experienced and compassionate advocate for yourself is of vital importance. Trying to resolve the matter on your own can lead to further legal and family trouble and may put you or your family in danger.

We know the courtroom. Put our years of experience practicing criminal defense and family law to work for you. We will represent your best interests in and out of court. With the Law Offices of Lydon & Richards, P.C., you have an advocate on your side who can make your case for you.

Learn About Your Options. Talk To Us.

Every family is unique. That means you need an individual approach to your case. From our offices in Nashua and Portsmouth.

We represent clients in civil and criminal cases throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Please contact us at 603-882-3344. You may also reach us confidentially online.